The Froebel Partnership

The Froebel Partnership officially started as a Froebel Trust Hub and Spoke on 1st September 2021 with an official launch on 22nd October.  The Froebel Partnership is an international partnership between Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre led by Sally Cave, the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC) /Birmingham City University led by Chris Pascal, Ama Associates and the Seven Stars Kindergarten in New Zealand led by Anne Denham. 

Our objectives for 2021-2024 are to:

  • Develop exemplary practice. (Making a difference for children).
  • Gather robust evidence about the distinctive characteristics of a Froebelian approach. (Documenting a Froebelian approach).
  • Gather robust evidence about outcomes and impacts associated with a Froebelian approach.
  • Raising awareness, improving knowledge and understanding for educators, parents/carers and policymakers.

Our Partnership is totally committed to the Froebel Trust’s charitable objective “To promote for the public benefit the advancement and understanding of Froebelian principles of education in learning within the UK and internationally.”  Our current work plan has five strands of action which we hope to rigorously develop, document, evaluate and then disseminate.

  1.  Engaging with nature
  2.  The gifts and occupations
  3.  Understanding the nature and importance of relationships as rooted in Froebelian thinking
  4.  Firm foundations for later literacy
  5.  Creating communities of practice

Each of the five strands are linked to Froebel’s key principles:

  • Freedom with guidance.
  • Unity, connectedness and community.
  • Engaging with nature.
  • Learning through self-activity and reflection. 
  • The central importance of play.
  • Creativity and the power of symbols.
  • Knowledgeable and nurturing educators. (Tovey, 2020:3)

In our first year of work we are focusing our research effort on the first strand of the work plan: Engaging with Nature, but through this focus will also develop and document strand 3 (Understanding the nature and importance of relationships as rooted in Froebelian thinking).

We have also started work on strand 5 (Creating communities of practice).  This includes fully funded Froebel Trust short courses for 20 delegates face to face and 25 virtually.  There is much more to come and if you want to find out more please take a look at our website and/or follow us on social media:

Twitter: @FroebelPship

Facebook: The Froebel Partnership

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  1. I own a small early years setting and also lecture part time childhood studies. I am very interested in your courses. Please could you keep me updated with information in future.

    Many thanks,

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