Block play

The Blocks and Block area is a staple in many nurseries and settings, it’s an area that provides a myriad of learning opportunities for children and a space to observe children’s ideas come to life. At Guildford Nursery School (GNS) there is a large space dedicated to the blocks to provide children the space and time to explore and build with them.

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Guildford Nursery School (GNS) is a Froebelian inspired setting, and takes on the Froebelian principles and approach in practice. This includes developing Froebelian Occupations and the meaning behind these open-ended educational activities that deepen children’s experience of the world.

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At Guildford Nursery School (GNS) there is an underpinning of values reflecting sustainability and care for the environment which is seen through their food and herb growing spaces in the garden as well as the choices they are making with resources.

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During her visit to Guildford Nursery School (GNS), Froebelian expert Rachna Joshi, was given the time to sit and observe the children and the educators in the setting. Various themes arose from her observations, but what she found was that she kept noticing children engaging in schematic play.

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Visiting Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre (GNSFC) in September, Froebelian expert Rachna Joshi, was inspired by the practice, physical space as well as many of the routines and transitions that were already so embedded early in the year.

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Read what Rachna Joshi, Froebelian expert, has to say about Guildford Nursery School. The following is the first of her monthly blogs about aspects of Froebelian pedagogy at Guildford Nursery School.

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Guest blog

Our collective professional development at Feltonfleet Pre-Prep has been inspired since we were introduced to the modern-day influences of the educator and founder of the first Kindergarten, Friedrich Froebel.  Our journey began when Sally Cave, Headteacher of Guildford Nursery School, showed me the Froebel principles in action at Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre. Sally

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Froebel and Self-Regulation: Understanding the role of Kaiako (teacher)

“Wisdom is shown when one educates oneself and others in freedom and self-awareness.” Froebel in Lilley 1967:50 At Seven Stars Kindergarten we strive to provide a Froebelian principled curriculum (Tovey, 2020) and learning environment that enhances children’s social and emotional competence and engagement so children can grow as confident and competent learners. Our research project

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The Froebel Partnership

The Froebel Partnership officially started as a Froebel Trust Hub and Spoke on 1st September 2021 with an official launch on 22nd October.  The Froebel Partnership is an international partnership between Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre led by Sally Cave, the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC) /Birmingham City University led by Chris

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Community Garden

The journey from an overgrown piece of land to a community garden As part of our ongoing project to involve the wider community, we decided to turn the overgrown green space at the front of our Hazel Avenue site into a community garden.  Our aim was to provide a place for the children to play

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Engaging with Nature

An exploration of Froebelian principles in the outdoor environment at Seven Stars Kindergarten, Aotearoa New Zealand Te Whariki, the New Zealand Early Years Curriculum enables us to weave our own distinctive, culturally responsive, and contextually relevant curriculum, based on what we believe is important for the children in our setting; Seven Stars Kindergarten. Since opening

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How the Froebel Storytelling can support young children through COVID

Project Summary  Evidence is beginning to emerge about how the anxieties linked to COVID-19 are affecting the everyday life young children (Pascal et al, 2020). It appears that the impact of restrictions on social interaction and participation in society’s cultural life is highly individual and structured by many hierarchies, including hierarchies of age.  Understanding the

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Key Person Approach – At heart

One setting’s focus on the importance of the key person became even more valuable during lockdown, report Wendy Baker and Sally Cave At Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre, Surrey, we have always recognised the invaluable role played by the key person in nurturing young children. Lockdown has amplified that importance and provided us with

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